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mCARE+ Communication Connections Canada


Proprietary remote monitoring and management service.

Voice & Data Solutions CCCanada

Voice & Data

A wide range of voice & data expertise in linking voice & data communications.

Network Integration Solutions CCCanada

Network Integration

We can ensure the solution implemented addresses your needs.

We design and deliver customized solutions to benefit your IT issues.

We have worked with small- to medium-size businesses for almost thirty years!

With our Certified Engineers – We are skilled to work on any type of tasks


A proprietary remote monitoring and management service designed to keep your network, hardware and applications running at peak performance with maximum uptime – by monitoring your network and IT assets 24/7. We can detect and resolve early signs of trouble before they impact your business. mCARE+ also increases network efficiencies, so you can look forward to reducing network operating costs by up to 30%! In today’s uncertain economy, mCARE+ has never been more valuable.

Communication Connections

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new proactive managed service: mCARE+ (Collect-Analyze-Resolve-Enhance). This suite of solutions is designed to ensure that your business’s critical technology and applications are running at peak performance and with maximum uninterrupted uptime. This service can reduce costs and business risk – for one, fixed and predictable monthly fee.

Voice and Data Solutions

Voice and Data Solutions

At Communication Connections, we have a deep experience and expertise in linking voice and data communications – including at multiple locations – which truly sets us apart in the industry. Our customers rely on us to use the latest technologies and provide a complete portfolio of voice and data solutions to meet a wide range of business needs, including:

  • Networks – from servers to desktop computers to network security
  • Telephony – telephone systems and true VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions
  • Connectivity – Local and Wide Area Networking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM)
  • IP Surveillance
  • IP Access

Network Integration Services

We take a holistic, big-picture view of your requirements which ensures the solution implemented addresses your underlying business issue; rather than merely the technological challenge you face. We work to understand your business and your future plans, to guarantee the solution provided is absolutely the best choice for you – short or long term – to optimize your investment. Our full suite of network integration services includes:  

  • Design and installation 
  • Analysis and troubleshooting 
  • Product procurement – including pre-installation configuration and testing
  • Disaster recovery planning 
  • On-site network management 
  • Technical training
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