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mCARE+ constantly monitors critical devices and applications in your computing infrastructure.
Let mCARE+ ensure maximum uptime and performance, allowing you to

Central Patch Management
With our ability to centrally manage and run all patches, we ensure that your site is protected and functioning with the most recent updates.

24/7 Maintenance
Our secure, 24/7 maintenance allows all of your mission-critical computers to operate at their optimal level with minimal or no disruption to your work environment.

Online Management History
You can automatically track any and all activities performed by our   technicians.

Enhanced Troubleshooting
With our ability to remote in to your computers, we can see first-hand what issues you are having and promptly resolve them.

Key Benefits
  • 7/ 24 hour monitoring
  • Immediate issue identification
  • Rapid service response time
  • Minimize business disruption
  • Monitor mission-critical      business applications and devices
  • E-Mail notification process
  • Fixed fee for services

Call our office at 905-362-8800 and ask for one of our Professional Services Specialists
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